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Choosing A Better Lender

A few months ago, I realized that I simply couldn't borrow money from my parents anymore. In addition to tapping the resource dry, they were also starting to look a little uncomfortable anytime I was around--even if I wasn't asking for cash. I realized that my financial problems were my own, and that I shouldn't rely on my parents to keep bailing me out. To fix my finances once and for all, I decided to look into choosing a better lender. I found a great bank in town that felt comfortable lending me the money, and they were nice to work with. This blog is all about knowing what to ask and how to choose a lender.


3 Reasons To Use An Online Service To Send Money To A Loved One In Another Country

If you are looking to send money to a loved one in another country, you might be thinking about using one of the money-sending services that you can find in many grocery stores and other retail stores. Although many stores do offer fast and convenient money-sending services that can allow you to send money to a loved one in another country, you might find that it's better to use an online service instead. Along with the obvious convenience of being able to do it from the comfort of your own home, these are a few other reasons to consider getting online when sending cash to your loved one.

1. Save Money

Did you know that many online services are more affordable than the ones that are available locally? This is because you can beat the middle-man -- you don't have to worry about the grocery store or other local store making money because you are working directly with the service. Since the fees for these services are often based off of a percentage of the amount that you are sending, you could save quite a bit of money this way if you are sending a significant amount of cash.

2. Use Services That Aren't Available in Your Area

There is a good chance that there are only a few available services in your area. This means that if you are sending to a country that isn't commonly sent to from your area, you might not have many options. By getting online and looking for a money-sending service, you can expand your options significantly rather than limiting yourself to the handful of services that might be available in your city or town.

3. Do Your Research Before Sending

When it comes to sending money, there are a lot of confusing figures to think about, which can be tough to do on-the-spot in a grocery store. For example, you might have to look at currency conversion rates to ensure that you are sending the proper amount of money to your loved one, and you may have to figure our percentages to determine how much you will be paying in fees. Plus, you may want to compare rates between various companies. This can be tough to do when you're standing in the middle of a store, but it can be much easier when you're at home.

As you can see, an online service can be a far better choice for sending money to a loved one in another country. If you are looking to send some cash to someone you care about, consider using one of the many online services that are out there so that you can enjoy these benefits and more. To send money to Brazil or another country, go online to peruse your options.