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Choosing A Better Lender

A few months ago, I realized that I simply couldn't borrow money from my parents anymore. In addition to tapping the resource dry, they were also starting to look a little uncomfortable anytime I was around--even if I wasn't asking for cash. I realized that my financial problems were my own, and that I shouldn't rely on my parents to keep bailing me out. To fix my finances once and for all, I decided to look into choosing a better lender. I found a great bank in town that felt comfortable lending me the money, and they were nice to work with. This blog is all about knowing what to ask and how to choose a lender.


Sick Of Wasting Time Screening Potential Auto Buyers And Running Credit Checks? There's A Solution For That

If you own an auto dealership and you feel that your employees and sales associates have to spend a lot of time trying to get credit checks on their potential clients, there are services and software that can help. If you have a lot of clients that get financed when they are at the dealership, this is a service you don't want to miss out on.

If you are interested in using this type of service, there are some qualities you want to look for in a service provider. Here are the things you want to look for.

Quick Online Prequalification Options

Do you have a website for customers to browse through your inventory? You can find a service provider that has software that can prequalify the potential clients before they even come in to look at the cars. When the custom gets the prequalification, they type in their information and then your dealership will get an email. You can email or call the prequalified applicant to see if they want to come in and look at that vehicle, and you'll know if you have an applicant that can purchase the car.

Full Checks When Needed

After they customer has been pre-qualified and comes in to look at the vehicle they will have to get fully approved for a loan. The service will be able to give you the full report on the applicant, to see if they meet the credit credentials and to see what possible lenders you work with that they can qualify for. Then they can choose what loan provider they want to go with, and this takes out a lot of the time you would normally waste getting all the information on your own. Instead of making the customer wait, they can be driving out of the parking lot with their car in no time.

Your clients want to know if they can afford a car or if they can get approved, they will love that they can use your website to get prequalified online. Take advantage of this service and put the option to get prequalified on your site so your customers can already have all their personal information in the system before they get to your dealership and before they start looking on the lot. This will make sales easier for both your potential clients and sales associates, helping to get more people in the door and out fast with their new ride.  For more information, contact a company like NCC Direct, Inc.