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Choosing A Better Lender

A few months ago, I realized that I simply couldn't borrow money from my parents anymore. In addition to tapping the resource dry, they were also starting to look a little uncomfortable anytime I was around--even if I wasn't asking for cash. I realized that my financial problems were my own, and that I shouldn't rely on my parents to keep bailing me out. To fix my finances once and for all, I decided to look into choosing a better lender. I found a great bank in town that felt comfortable lending me the money, and they were nice to work with. This blog is all about knowing what to ask and how to choose a lender.


3 Silver Coins That Are Worth The Investment To Build Your Assets

If you are interested in building your assets with silver or gold, coins may be an option to start your investments. They can give you an option for investing with any type of budget, as well as interesting history. Coins can even make a great item to display in your home. Before you start buying coins, you may want to know about some of the best options to start investing with silver coins. Here are some options that you may want to consider to start building your assets with silver coins:

1. Old Common Quarters With More Precious Metal Than You Thought

When you go to fill your car up and pay with cash, you may get a handful of coins back. This may be your lucky find. Keep an eye out in your spare change for older quarters. Those that were minted before 1965 have a high silver content. This means that they are more valuable than their face value, so you may want to save these coins.

2. 19th Century Coins Of Silver And Others That Are Rare And Very Valuable

19th century coins are another interesting place to search for silver. Some of these coins are less rare than others, but they may still have a high enough silver content to make them worth the investment. There are many coin auctions and dealers that sell entire lots of these coins, and sometimes you may even get really lucky and find an extremely rare coin.

3. Proofs And Modern Silver Bullion That Is More Affordable Than Gold

Older coins are not the only place that you may want to consider a search for some of the rarest and most valuable silver coins. Silver is still minted for proof coins and collector sets. Depending on the amount of production, some of these coins can be very valuable in just a few years. In addition, they make nice display pieces to show off in your home. If you want an affordable way to invest in bullion assets, this is an option that is a lot less than gold. If you are considering gold, look for the coins that are a fraction of an ounce to start with.

These are some of the options that you may want to consider to start collecting silver coins. If you are ready to start making some investments, contact a rare coins or silver and gold dealer to start building your assets and your interest in coins.